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My name is Anastasia Korsakova. I was born on 8th May 1994.

Since childhood, I have always been into athletics (pole vaulting, running, long jump). This

has since been reflected in my paintings, which touch on the subject of sports and the

aesthetics of the human body.

From 2012-2016, I studied at the College of Culture and Arts in under the curatorship of the famous Dagestani artist Oktay Alirzaev.

After graduation, I got a job as a swimming pool manager. When I was free at work, I would

draw sketches for future projects, the theme of which was swimming and swimmers.

Galleries where my work is presented: Artonline24 gallery, K35 space.

In my paintings, I utilise a limited colour palette to focus attention on the objects in the


My paintings can be found in private collections in the USA, Finland,Mexico, Australia, Great Britain.

I base my studio practice on my prior experience in sports. It is a fusion of rhythm, colour,
and the human body into a unique artistic image. I want to freeze time in paintings, remove
every unnecessary bit and make reality coexist with surrealism.
Everything shown in my paintings comes from my life experience and hobbies: athletics,
tournaments, swimming, and soviet paintings. I was inspired by soviet posters and the
fandom of the athletic body from Deineka and Samokhvalov’s work.
Similarly, I loved Stanley Kubrick’s films very much. The geometry in his scenes, the
lighting, and the composition all rocked my imagination. With consistent practice, I was able
to incorporate all this into my projects when I started drawing a lot. I combined everything I
liked and then looked at the result.
Gradually, I started to notice that there were a lot of swimmers and swimming pools in my
paintings. I thus started developing this narrative. From that moment on, I was barely
interested in anything else. I think my obsession with illustrating pools and people in them
began the same time I started actively searching for my style and narrative.
Images of prospective projects appear suddenly in my mind, like a flash of light. I can look at
an ordinary object and see a completely different picture. For instance, I could be swimming
in a pool and suddenly start picturing the people around me forming a row and synchronously
swimming toward me. My reality becomes distorted; I feel like I am at the border of two
different worlds.

My paintings are focused on people, geometry, swimming pools, and colour. There is rhythm
in them. I paint depersonalised characters because what’s most important is how the painting
makes the viewer feel.

I am, first and foremost, influenced by what I see, feel, and experience, but I have also always
liked Stanley Kubrick and Wes Anderson’s films. I love architecture, especially soviet
modernism. Artists that I admire the most are Peter Doig, Alex Colville, Kristi Kongi,
Barkley L. Hendricks, David Hockney, and photographs by Maria Svarbova.

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